Monday, June 15, 2009

GPRS, WAP and MMS Settings for Mobitel

Yesterday I found out that Mobitel (Sri Lanka) don’t have their GPRS/MMS settings online like Dialog GSM. Even Google couldn’t find them for me! After a little bit of searching online, I finally gave in and called Mobitel’s customer support. After listening to a few songs and a recording that kept reminding that the call was valuable to them and will be attended to soon, I was finally able to get the settings from them. So to save you the pain here they are:

GPRS Settings:
Access Point: ISP

WAP Settings
- Data bearer: Packet data
- Access point name: isp
- Authentication: Normal
- Homepage:
- Network type : IPv4
- Phone ip address : Atomatic
- Proxy serv. address :
- Proxy port number : 0

MMS Settings
- Connection name – MobitelMMS
- Data bearer – Packet data
- Access point name – wapmms
- Authentication – Normal
- Homepage –
- Network type : IPv4
- Phone ip address : Atomatic
- Name server : Atomatic
- Proxy serv. address :
- Proxy port number : 8080

Now that Mobitel is supporting 3.5G HSPA technology I’m sure they would add this information to their website soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gayan! For doing what mobitel should have done in the first place. but i think the info is not totally corect. the server address is different in my phone...

Anonymous said...

don't just copy n paste. Say thanx to kalinga's blog

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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